1961-1970Andy MilliganExploitationHorrorUSA

Andy Milligan – Seeds (1968)

Old crone matron Claris Manning, who redefines the word “crotchety” with every bourbon-fueled blast from her mangled maw, just can’t believe that her ditzy daughter Carol has invited the money hungry members of her hated family over for a holiday get together. Seems that the wealthy witch wishes that her offal offspring would simply make like a group of in testate inheritors and drop dead. No sooner do the bequest buffoons show up at the ratty old mansion than one by one they proceed to push up some pretty unpleasant daises. Some are stabbed. Others are electrocuted. And one lucky lass, the sadism loving Susan, gets a one-time sulfuric acid facial (oddly enough, her ape-like man friend takes a tap to the cranium with a piece of floorboard and his head opens like a casaba melon). As our several little idiotic Indians are reduced to an unlikely few, Carol grows more and more craven, trying to restart her past adolescent sex acts with bothered brother Mark. His rejection sends our amiss miss into an infantile rage. And all the while, shots of completely unrelated two-toned hippies making mattresses mudpies are inserted into the narrative to give the film some grindhouse Seeds of Sin.

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