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Anne Fontaine – Nettoyage à sec AKA Dry Cleaning (1997)

From Stephen Holden review: “La Nuit des Temps, a mildly racy nightclub in the center of the sleepy French town of Belfort, is the equivalent of Pandora’s box in Anne Fontaine’s haunting erotic fable “Dry Cleaning.” Here is where Jean-Marie Kunstler (Charles Berling) and his wife, Nicole (Miou-Miou), a proper, buttoned-up French couple who have been married for 15 years, find themselves one evening watching a slithery gold-lamé-clad brother-sister drag act called the Queens of the Night lip-synch to Sylvie Vartan records.

Jean-Marie and Nicole run a dry-cleaning establishment; what better metaphor for the starchy petit bourgeois life? And when Loïc (Stanislas Merhar), the male member of the duo, shows up at their laundry one day to have his gown cleaned, a casual friendship is struck up that leads the Kunstlers back to the club, where they dance and flirt shyly with Loïc and his sister, Marylin (Mathile Seigner). One thing leads to another, and the two couples adjourn to the apartment above the Kunstlers’ shop where Loïc and his sister offer to have sex with them for money. Although Nicole is eager to play, Jean-Marie gets cold feet and abruptly calls off the swinging session.(…) “Dry Cleaning” presents the Kunstlers as a representative strait-laced couple whose impulse to dabble in dangerous erotic games lands them in deep trouble. Loïc and his “sister” (it’s left unclear what their biological relationship really is, but we get a strong sense that they have been casual lovers since their days together in an orphanage) grew up without any normal sense of boundaries. To people like the Kunstlers, who seem to embody the Gallic equivalent of family values, the brother and sister are temptation incarnate.

The film reminds you of the power and universality of the erotic imagination. Just because some people don’t radiate overt sexuality doesn’t mean that somewhere in the back of their minds they can’t imagine themselves wantonly kicking over the traces and surrendering to passion. A glimpse of the possibility is there inside all of us. “

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Subtitles:English hardsubbed

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