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Clive Rees – The Blockhouse (1973)

The Blockhouse was a 1973 film, based on a book by Jean Paul Clebert. It was directed by Clive Rees and starred Peter Sellers and Charles Aznavour. It was filmed entirely in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

On D-Day, Allied prisoners held by German forces during World War II are trapped inside a German bunker. They have enough food and water to last them for years. And they are trapped for years. The film analyses how they deal with their underground prison, the relationships formed, and the way they deal with death.

Sellers’ role represented a departure for him, in that he played a dramatic role, rather than his forté of comedy. Jeremy Kemp and Peter Vaughan also appeared in the film.

The book and film appear to have been inspired by a true story: on June 25, 1951, Time magazine reported that two German soldiers had emerged from a underground storehouse in Babie Doły, Poland (about 30 km from Gdynia), where they had been trapped for six years.

Set during World War 2, The Blockhouse takes place virtually in its entirety in an underground German blockhouse. Six men of wildly varying nationalities and walks of life are trapped in the blockhouse-and remain so for over six years. Though their prison is well stocked with food and beverages, the mortality rate is appalling, the victims dying more from loneliness and fear than anything else. Intriguingly, Peter Sellers is cast as a Frenchman, while French singer/actor Charles Aznavour plays an Italian! The Blockhouse was based on a novel by Jean Paul Ciebert-which, incredibly, was inspired by a true story.

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  1. I’ve watched this film, and it’s astonishing and bleak. Sellers is just one of the ensemble in it. The last two lines of dialogue transform the experience, and turn it from an excellent, but depressing movie to something quite great. Too bad this never got a real release.

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