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Dorothy Arzner – The Wild Party (1929)

Dorothy Arzner’s “The Wild Party” was a Clara Bow star vehicle and Paramount’s very first talking movie. Set in an all-girls’ school, the film has a routine, all-too familiar scenario, but it was fun to watch because of its leading lady.

Clara Bows plays Stella, a headstrong college girl who forms a society called the “hardboiled maidens,” that’s regarded with considerable distrust by the college authorities. The club’s activities include arranging all-night parties and raiding nearby men’s colleges and speak-easies. Bow, at her most sexual, gives the impression that going to college was a lark. Her flirtatious relationship with her older professor (played by Fredric March) is the kind of stuff teenagers dream of.

The Playbill of Paramount Publix advertised the film as: “The ‘It’ girl’s all-talking sensation. She listens like she looks in this all-dialogue hit. You’ve had an eyeful of ‘It’—now get an earful!”

The film opened at the Rialto Theater in New York on March 30, 1929

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