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Emilio Fernández – María Candelaria (Xochimilco) (1944)

Dolores Del Rio plays the indigenous daughter of a prostitute, and nobody in her village will buy the flowers she sells because of her family’s sordid history. The corrupt racist local merchant whose lecherous advances she keeps turning down demands that she pay her debts in full by tomorrow or else he’ll take her beloved little piglet! It is one of two Mexican films ever to win the Palme d’Or (the other being Buñuel’s Viridiana).

Allegedly when Dolores Del Rio (hot off the heels of her relationship with Orson Welles and a successful move from Hollywood back to her native Mexico) was presented with the opportunity to play the role she replied, “You want me to play an Indian? I … barefooted?”

1.27GB | 1h 37m | 706×529 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish


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