1951-1960DramaGreeceGregory J. Markopoulos

Gregory J. Markopoulos – Galini AKA Serenity (1958)

The film is based on the novella by the same name, written by Ilias Venezis and reflects the innermost bitterness of the Asia Minor Disaster. The doctor Dimitris Vellis and his younger wife, Eirini, who come from Asia Minor, settle in Anavyssos, as do many other refugees. Eirini, instead of cultivating foodstuffs – grain, grapevines or garden produce, as the government recommends, prefers to cultivate roses.

Gregory Markopoulos had kept a diary on the making of the film and the period of its shooting. James Paris had invited the young Markopoulos from America to direct the film. The result of the work, however, didn’t satisfy the young director, who ended their collaboration near the end of the filming. Paris made some complementary shots with the assistance of Grigoris Grigoriou, who undertook the editing as well. We can’t really tell what the copy that was found in the archives of the producer represents exactly – and the film never made it to the theaters.

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