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Mehrdad Oskouei – Hamishe Baraye Azadi Dir Ast AKA It’s Always Late For Freedom (2006)

The portrait of three teenage boys being held in a youth corrections centre in Teheran, It’s Always Late for Freedom depicts the distress of a generation sacrificed on the altar of Iran’s profound social problems. Hardcore drugs, poverty, violence… these young men, hardly more than boys, seem more like victims than perpetrators. Entirely immersed in the everyday life of the prison, filmmaker Mehrdad Oskouei (The Other Side of Burka) won the young men’s trust, and they hold nothing back of their hurts, frustrations, hopes and confusion. The camera records their childish schemes, conversations with family, and the routine of prison life with intimate close-ups of faces and bodies that reveal their secret pain. A gripping story of childhood laid bare.
1. Thessaloniki Int’l Film Festival (16 ? 25 March 2007/ Greece)
2. Molodist Int’l Film Festival (14 ? 20 April 2007/ Ukraine/ Kiev)
3. Vision du Reel (20 ? 26 April 2007/ Switzerland)
4. Lisboa Int’l Doc Film Festival (18 ? 28 Oct 2007/ Portugal)
5. Leipzig Doc Film Festival (29 Oct ? 4 Nov 2007/ Germany)
6. Les Rencontres Int’l du documentaries (8 ? 18 Nov 2007/ Canada)
7. Courmayeur Noir in Festival (4 ? 10 Dec 2007/ Italy)
8. Watch Docs. Film Festival (7 ? 16 Dec 2007/ Poland)
9. TRI Continental Film Festival (18 Jan ? 10 Feb 2008/ India)
10. DocPoint ? Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (23 ? 27 Jan 2008/ Finland)

6 seconds of first of film is out of sinc.

409Mb | 0h 53m | 664×488 | avi


Subtitles:English Hardsub

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