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Hark Tsui – Ying hung boon sik III jik yeung ji gor AKA A Better Tomorrow 3 (1989)

From StompTokyo.com:
The first film in our Chow pow-wow, A Better Tomorrow 3, is a prequel to John Woo’s two breakthrough crime dramas, A Better Tomorrow and A Better Tomorrow 2. It tells the story of how Mark Gor gained the Mark Gor look and the Mark Gor attitude. Everybody remembers Mark Gor, right? He was the wise-ass friend of Ti Lung in the original A Better Tomorrow, the one who was rendered lame while on a mission of revenge, and then died one of the silliest cinematic deaths we’ve seen a Honk Kong actor die. Since Bruce Lee in Marlowe, anyway.

A Better Tomorrow 3 opens with Mark Gor arriving in Saigon in 1974. He is there to meet his cousin Mun, who is getting out of jail. After Mark reunites with Mun (played by Tony Leung, but not the one who was in Hard Boiled), and Mun’s father, they decide to get rich by running guns. We think this sounds like an intensely bad idea, but there you have it. To do this, Mark and Mun need to deal with Kit, the head of the local smugglers. She is played by Anita Mui (Rumble in the Bronx, Heroic Trio) as both sexy and haunted, sorta like Sylvia Plath as played by Sharon Stone.

Basically, both Mark and Mun want to put the moves on her, but she’s only really interested in Mark. The three of them become inseparable friends and together manage to survive after being double crossed by the villainous General Bong. (We swear, we are not making this up.)

All of our players, including Mun’s father, return to Hong Kong. Mun’s father starts an auto repair garage, but dog-gone it, he dies after the place is bombed. Why is his shop bombed? Well it seems that Kit had a husband, Ho, who was thought long dead. But he’s back, and he wants to teach Mark not move in on his territory.

Ho takes Kit back to Vietnam, and Mark and Mun go after him. Mark and Mun must try to rescue Kit against the opposition of Ho, Bong, and the entire Vietcong army which just happens to moving into Saigon at the time.

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