1991-2000ExperimentalGermanyHarun FarockiVideo Art

Harun Farocki – Ein Tag im Leben der Endverbraucher AKA A Day in the Life of a Consumer (1993)

Harun Farocki plunders 40 years of advertising films, which he orchestrates to constitute an ironic 24 hours in the life of typical consumers. Mixing different colours, periods, various “ideologies of well being” to hold up a mirror up to our times, values, worries, hopes.

This collage of “beautiful images”, gleeful and chaotic, deconstructs not only the domestic reference points which punctuate our daily life, but also gives full rein to an off-beat humour in the tradition of Brechtian distanciation.
(Andrei Ujica)

821MB | 43m 39s | 768×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish

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