1971-1980Anne-Marie MiévilleArthouseDocumentaryFranceJean-Luc Godard

Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville – Comment Ca Va? (1978)

A Jean-Luc Godard film about politics and the media, in which two workers in a newspaper plant attempt to make a film.

Comment ça va? is therefore less about “something” (whatever that may be) than about Godard’s inquiry into how film communicates meaning, or in fact lack of meaning. The ostensible main setup deals with a radical French newspaper and a supposed documentary being shot about how it has succeeded (this may strike some as particularly ironic, given the current state of affairs of print media, including newspapers—much like the daily in my hometown of Portland—regularly announcing they are decimating their staffs, reducing home delivery dates and moving to an online model). This particular vignette (for want of a better term) includes some sociopolitical (and socio-sexual) repartee between the paper’s editor and his secretary. There are some piquant observations (always a Godard hallmark) of both gender roles as well as the stifling impact of mass media on niche efforts.

3.33GB | 1h 18m | 964×720 | mkv


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