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Ludwig Berger – Ich bei Tag und du bei Nacht AKA I by Day, You by Night (1932)

A nightclub waiter and a manicurist share the same room, she sleeps there by night and he by day. They’ve never met, but they can’t stand each other. Then one day, they meet by chance…

Ich bei Tag und du bei Nacht deals with a romantic couple who share the same apartment, she at night, he during the day, working the other time and not knowing each other except for the unpleasant things they do in each other’s absence. Naturally they meet also in real life, fall in love and even more complications ensue. The film is however most notable for his sly comments on the genre itself by interpolating scenes from a more typical sound operetta of this time and commenting ironically on its own plot. Some say this is a bit a case of eating a cake and still have it, but it’s a delightful film whose grace, camera movements and jokes couldn’t be really captured by screenshots.
Please be aware that this copy is missing a few minutes of sound, but that’s simply how the film survived, the missing dialogue was added as subtitles from the script.

2.16GB | 1h 36GB | 686×576 | mkv



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