2011-2020DramaMagnus von HornPoland

Magnus von Horn – Sweat (2020)

This insightful drama about loneliness and insecurity in the digital age chronicles three days in the candy-colored life of social media celebrity Sylwia Zajac. The beloved fitness instructor preaches positivity and acceptance to her 600,000 followers as she documents her every move, thought, and feeling. To the dismay of her sponsors, she holds back nothing from her fans—from her desire for a boyfriend to her family squabbles—and a video of her breaking down in tears goes viral. Will the sudden appearance of a stalker prompt Sylwia to reconsider her choices? Stage actress Magdalena Kolésnik delivers a mesmerizing turn as the self-obsessed internet star, exposing what it means to live a life online.

727MB | 1h 46mn | 640×360 | mkv


Subtitles:English (Hardcoded)


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