Michel Deville – Les capricieux (1984)

In post-revolutionary France, two neighbouring aristocrats (Nicole Garcia and Jean-Pierre Marielle) embark on a dangerous game when they agree to help a Polish agent.

Claude Beylie, 1984 wrote:
In an interview in 1963, Michel Deville perfectly defined his art when he emphasised the “deliberate pace and sense of seriousness that are essential to the balance of a film”. He added: “…My style is more that of entertainment than of revealing some social reality… I don’t like issues, problems of conscience. My main interest is in the play of feelings.”

This play of feelings, informed with Delicacy, Elegance, Virtuosity, Irony, Lightness, Lucidity, Emotion (D.E.V.I.L.L.E.) finds perhaps its finest expression in his TV drama Les Capricieux, a love story in period costume between a whimsical aristocrat and a country gentleman. It would be wrong to see only the playful surface; there are deep waters running beneath.

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