Patricio Guzmán – Le Cas Pinochet AKA The Pinochet Case (2001)

On Tuesday, September 22, 1998, General Augusto Pinochet flew to London on a pleasure trip. He rested for a few days. He had tea with Margaret Thatcher. He had every intention of visiting Paris. But, suddenly, he began experiencing back pain and underwent an operation in the London Clinic. Upon waking from surgery, he was arrested by the police. Who was responsible for this ?

Two years before Pinochet boarded that plane, Carlos Castresana, a young prosecutor in Madrid, discovered an article allowing Spanish justice to act in any country where crimes of genocide, terrorism or torture were committed. Spurred by a basic desire for justice, the prosecutor filed charges against the Argentine military and Pinochet.

699MB | 1h 50mn | 544×304 | avi

Language(s):Spanish + English interviews / in-between french comments
Subtitles:French hardsubbed

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