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Patrick Bokanowski – Battements solaires (2008)

Walking towards the fire. In a ceaseless stream of light, people, landscapes and objects lead us to mysterious regions. French filmmaker Patrick Bokanowski’s work is hard to classify – and all the richer for it. Together with his wife Michèle, whose musique concrète compositions form the basis of the sound design, Bokanowski offers a prolonged, dense and visually visceral experience of the kind that is rare in cinema today. Difficult to define and locate, its strangeness is quite unique.

An intense fusion of distorted lenses and double exposures, bizarre images and fireworks, this Bokanowski effort seems almost too clear despite the chaotic form it takes. Though this is not to say there’s an evident meaning, per se, but simply that the imagery lacks the fine, gritty edge of his older films. The focus here is in part on lights, and the image of a brightly lit riverboat at night stands out to me because I am still not sure that’s what it was. Amid the aforementioned chaos, the lights are only truly discernible–again, like his other works–because they take a familiar shape. But this time I am less certain of whether I am filling in the gaps or accurately piercing the veil of confusion here.

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