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Peter Bogdanovich – Nickelodeon (1976)

A lawyer, then a writer, then a film director, is the career path of the bashful Leo Harrigan. But Leo has problems as well, such as being hopelessly smitten with his leading lady, who chooses to reward his attentions by getting herself hitched to Harrigan’s vulgar leading man, Buck Greenaway.

Dave Kehr for the Chicago Reader wrote:
If sincerity counts, this 1976 feature is Peter Bogdanovich’s finest film—it’s about loving movies, an emotion Bogdanovich knows better than most. But his story of Hollywood’s dawning days—with the details drawn mainly from Bogdanovich’s excellent interviews with pioneer directors—is cursed with a clumsy narrative, awkward dialog, and a cast that literally falls down a lot. Bogdanovich is trying to do an interesting and commendable thing in dramatizing aesthetic passion; his failure is as noble as it is conspicuous.

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Subtitles:English, French


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