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Richard Woolley – Telling Tales (1978)

TELLING TALES is about the failing marriage of an industrialist and his wife, about the industrialist’s wish to sell his company to a colleague, Paul Roberts, and about the terminally ill wife of Paul, Ingrid. It is also about the shop steward organising a strike at Paul’s factory that jeopardises the deal with the industrialist, and about the wife of the shop steward, who happens to clean and cook for the industrialist. A network of intertwined tales told in different ways, and for very different motives, by the main protagonists. Drawing on TV traditions of soap and serious drama, the manipulative emotionalism of a Hollywood weepy, the austerity of minimalism and the directness of Brecht, TELLING TALES both entertains the emotions and stimulates the intellect, making viewers aware of the act of viewing as well as letting them lose themselves in the viewed artefact; it draws them in with odd gobs of gaudy, conventionally-cut colour and spits them out with immaculately choreographed black & white single shot sequences. Born of the 1970’s narrative deconstruction school, this is a unique gem of its time. 

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