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Roberto Natale – Il mio corpo con rabbia (1972)

“Il mio corpo con rabbia” by Roberto Natale has been credited an uncertain and indefinite status between an art and an exploitation movie. Silvia (Antonia Santilli) is a daddy’s girl who has wanted to have a drug experience only once, but this was enough for her parents to batten down the hatches, on the advice of a doctor, isolating the girl into a luxurious hotel in Sardinia and being vigilant on her “healing”. It’s out of season, there’re almost no people in the compound. But a strange young man is roaming around there, maybe a fugitive, who Silvia starts to have a relationship with. This young man is the figure by whom Roberto Natale clarifies, using him as a reagent, the real key relation, the core of narration, the focus of the movie, which is the link between Silvia and her father.”Il mio corpo con rabbia” is a weird movie, with dialogues quoting Bazin and Rilke’s poems, refined atmospheres and an actress like Antonia Santilli who is exactly the opposite of the ethereal and almost metaphysical creature which Natale had in mind and describes in his screenplay. The movie, shot with the working title of “The golden bee”, had a complicated post productive story: Natale disavowed the movie and withdrawed his signature when distribution cut away the very harsh original end terminating the story on the pre-epilogue, with a walk on the beach by night and the bonfires of the two leading actors. This version reintegrates the original cut by the director featuring all the softcore sex scenes censored in the TV version

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