2001-2010ArthouseDramaSivaroj KongsakulThailand

Sivaroj Kongsakul – Tee-rak AKA Eternity (2010)

The sort of love story that can only be believed in Thailand. A man returns after his death to the landscape of his youth and relives the love that was meant for eternity. Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, it’s a meditative and above all beautiful film.

It is often said that a certain film is atmospheric, but in this case it is more than apt. Eternity is atmospheric, but also poetic and philosophical, or maybe better: spiritual. Life, life after this life and memories of life flow together. Past and present go hand-in-hand like passionate lovers.

The film is made up more or less of three parts and starts with the present. Wit (Wanlop Rungkamjad), a man who recently died – and hence a ghost – is looking for his house in order to follow the footsteps of his life. It is an important act for dead Thais to make sure they can contact loved ones in the afterlife. The present flows almost imperceptibly into the youth of the deceased, the time when Wit was in love with the young teacher Koi (Namfon Udomlertlak). Koi initially has her doubts about whether she wants to spend the rest of her life in the countryside, but soon notices how great Wit’s love for her is. It’s a love which she realises will last forever and will continue after this life. The final section shows an elderly Koi with her children. She has just been widowed and is preparing for a temporary life without her great love.

The filmmaker has stated that he was greatly inspired for Eternity by his own youth and the relationship of his parents. He sees the film as a meditation about the death of a loved one. Paying homage. –Rotterdam

1.57GB | 1h 42m | 983×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English (harcoded)


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