Stellan Olsson – Deadline (1971)

An aircraft with biological weapons explodes above the Kulla Peninsula in Skåne. The fog rolls in over the small seaside resort of Mölle, people start coughing, the police starts evacuating people and soon the first death is reported.

Stellan Olsson took departure from earlier American films about nuclear threats, but wanted to make a film about the big bang. Because Deadline premiered in 1971 it was contemporary with the American catastrophy film, yet it pre-empted its heights. There are quite many things that distinguishes Deadline from these large-scale and explosive blockbusters. Where one could imagine big gestures and dramatic strings, Olsson chooses a more toned-down approach. It is more about a slowly evolving domesday mood than any sudden dramaturgic reaction.

2.30GB | 1h 40m | 1920×1080 | mkv,_1971).mkv,_1971).srt,_1971)

Language(s):Swedish, Danish
Subtitles:English,Swedish + hardcoded Swedish for Danish parts

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