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Umberto Lenzi – Un Posto ideale per uccidere AKA Dirty Pictures AKA Oasis of Fear (1971)

Two hippies find themselves on the run from the law and soon end up going undercover in a villa owned by a mysterious woman.


“Don’t forget where we’re going they’re Catholics.”
“And don’t you forget that Catholics love alittle sin.”

Let’s all take a second to appreciate the company that is Mondo Macabro for releasing this sexy giallo-esque thriller that goes about in a seriously tame Lenzi fashion. An Ideal Place to Kill aka Oasis of Fear has alot going for it from the addicting soundtrack, 70s fashion, sexual tension, close-up nudies and plenty of twists. Two free-spirited hippies sell pornography in order to pay for the finer things in life, eventually caught by the police and ordered out of Italy, the two find themselves hiding out in a large villa with a woman with deadly secrets of her own!

Kept me thoroughly interested and in constant need of knowing what was going to happen next, but let’s be honest the best thing about it is, Ornella Muti, cute as hell.

I dug it, ‘twas beautiful to look at and lots of fun but would have been so much better with more sleaze.

2.83GB | 1h 29m | 1024×436 | mkv


Language(s):Italian, English (dub)+commentary

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