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Charlie Curran – See Know Evil (2018)

See Know Evil is the first documentary to describe the art and life of Davide Sorrenti, an icon of 90’s fashion, photography and youth culture.

Born to the renowned Sorrenti family and diagnosed with a rare anemia, Davide spent his youth pushing the limits of experience with raw urgency, his prodigious photos influencing the rise of “heroin chic”, and the media controversy surrounding his death at the age of 20.

Davide Sorrenti was fashion’s ‘Golden Boy.’ Born to the Sorrenti clan, a family of renowned photographers dubbed “the Corleones of Fashion Photography,” his rapid ascension was his birthright. Diagnosed with a fatal blood condition at birth, a severe form of anemia; his chronic illness required constant blood transfusions, and carrying the knowledge he wouldn’t live beyond his early twenties.

Absorbing the practices of image-making around him, and determined to leave his mark, Davide spent his youth pushing the limits of experience with raw urgency. Set within the still raw and menacing pre-Giuliani playground of New York in the early to mid-1990’s, his photographs capture the last passionate youth movement at the cusp of the city’s sanitation.

His time running out, his fellow transfusion group members beginning to pass, he fell madly in love with the young model James King (Jaime King). Davide was twenty years old when his fragile body gave in, a complication of his illness and experimentation with Class-A drugs. His death was an explosion that ripped through the world of fashion and photography prompting the President of the United States to condemn the glorification of Heroin, and Davide being branded by the press the “poster boy of Heroin Chic.”

See Know Evil is the first time Davide Sorrenti’s story has been allowed to be told by the Sorrenti family, all access to his work having been cut off twenty years ago. Directed by Charlie Curran, the film is an oral biography told by those who knew Davide best, featuring Davide’s archive for the first time, and hundreds of hours of never before seen film provided by the Sorrenti family.

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