2001-2010Christoph HübnerDocumentaryGermany

Christoph Hübner – Thomas Harlan – Wandersplitter aka Moving Shrapnel [Extra] (2007)

This is the content of the second disc of Wandersplitter aka Moving Shrapnel, in which
Thomas Harlan revists his film and literary work.It is much more than an extra and more something like a second chapter to the first movie(here: link) which focuses more on Harlan’s life.

The two movies that are discussed are Torre Bela, which Harlan filmed during revolutionary uprisings in Portugal in the 70s and his (in)famous Wundkanal, an experiment which in an uncomfortable way explores the limits of art. Robert Kramer
made a movie about Wundkanal calld Notre Nazi.

Sadly the discussed movies were not part of the DVD but you get to see many outtakes.

1.42GB | 2s 15m | 592×448 | avi




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