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Joe D’Amato – Undici giorni, undici notti AKA Eleven Days, Eleven Nights (1987)

A softcore cult classic that was instrumental in helping establish the legend of Skinemax while playing a significant role in the depletion of many a pubescent teenage boy’s tube sock supply back in the day, 1987’s ELEVEN DAYS, ELEVEN NIGHTS is a gender-swapped Italian ripoff of 9 1/2 WEEKS from notorious Eurocult journeyman Joe D’Amato. Written by Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi–the husband-and-wife masters of erotica who would later gift us with TROLL 2–ELEVEN DAYS, ELEVEN NIGHTS pretty much follows the template of D’Amato’s “Black Emanuelle” films of the late ’70s, right down to the presence of Laura Gemser, this time as the editor to nympho journalist Sarah Asproon (Jessica Moore), who’s writing a scintillating memoir of her sexual exploits entitled My One Hundred Men (Drudi uses the pseudonym “Sarah Asproon” for her writing credit, giving the film a bogus autobiographical ruse in the tradition of “Emmanuelle Arsan”). Sarah is nearing completion of the book as she seduces man #100, none-too-bright New Orleans engineer Michael Terenzi (Joshua McDonald, absurdly dubbed by the dulcet tones of the venerable Ted Rusoff). They have a torrid sexual encounter on a ferry, during which she steals his wallet and calls him later that evening for another hookup. Michael is due to be married in twelve days to his nice but boring, sexually unadventurous fiancee Helen (Mary Sellers) and isn’t looking forward to a dull sex life or dealing with his controlling in-laws. So he doesn’t hesitate to get all of his wild desires out of his system, diving head-on into a kinky and obsessive fling with Sarah, who wants to make the most of what little time they have, purring: “Give me all the nights you have left! Eleven nights…just for me!”

— Mark Tinta (Good Efficient Butchery)

2.79GB | 1h 31m | 958×576 | mkv


Language:English, Italian (2 audio tracks)
Subtitles:English, Italian (muxed)

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