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Paula Gaitán – Luz nos Trópicos AKA Light in the Tropics (2020)

A film like a monument: Luz nos trópicos is a tribute to the rich greens of the Amazon and the forests of New England in winter, celebrating the indigenous peoples of both Americas and flowing as a film as freely as a winding river.

A young man of indigenous ancestry leaves, where he lives in the North, to rediscover the history of his people in the heart of South America. As he rediscovers the memory of his ancestors, he dreams with the history of the conquers and the decadence of white men. In a transformative journey of nature, men and light, there is an intersection between these multiple universes and an essay on the complex territories and people of the Americas. “Light in the Tropics” is a triptych about the march of humanity through time and space.

5.96GB | 4h 19m | 1280×690 | mkv


Language:Portuguese, French, Russian, English
Subtitles:English, Portuguese

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