1991-2000ArthouseDramaSouth KoreaSun-Woo Jang

Sun-Woo Jang – Gojitmal AKA Lies (1999)

A conscious exploration of fantasy and flesh. The director talks about the novel upon which the film is based, we see the crew at work, the actors talk about what’s going on. Y, a schoolgirl of 18, chooses her first lover (rather than wait to be raped, as were her two older sisters). After phone sex with J, a sculptor who’s 38, they begin an affair that, by the second meeting, includes spankings as foreplay. J brings a suitcase full of rods, hoses, and wires; Y gathers sticks to bring. Y’s brother discovers the affair. J’s wife, studying in Paris, calls him to join her. Will the lovers part? Will the violence get out of hand? When do the lies begin?

Based on a novel banned as ‘pornographic’, Jang’s follow-up to Timeless, Bottomless Bad Movie is a devastating account of amour fou. A married sculptor (his wife is abroad) blind-dates a high school girl and quickly takes her virginity. They launch into an affair in which the girl submits more or less willingly to a series of whippings and beatings. The man sees these as no more than strenuous foreplay, but when the roles are reversed, the girl proves to be made of sterner stuff – not least when touches of coprophilia and murder enter the frame. And when it’s all over, the ending contrasts the intensity of the affair with the ‘lies’ on which conventional relationships rest. Made with two absolutely fearless first-time actors, this amazing film recaptures something of the shock L’Age d’or provoked in 1930.

1.37GB | 1h 47m | 720×400 | avi


Subtitles:english, portuguese (srt)

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