Various – Les Films des maisons closes AKA The Films from Brothels (1925 – 1945)

The invention of censorship, which dates a few years later than the invention of cinema, pushed smutty films to go underground which is synonymous with total freedom, since banned, erotic films could become fully pornographic.

Banned but still produced, filmed and especially shown, these films are called “from brothels”, as some were shown in smoking and waiting rooms of brothels. It is there, or in private collections, that they went through the 20th century, waiting for the explosion of the 1970s — and the legalization of the pornographic genre.

Usually anonymous (and rightly so!), difficult to date, these films pave the way of this genre (minimised preliminaries, light screenplays, compulsory figures, limited duration of films…), and at the same time carrying some specific features: sometimes humour (Sœur Vaseline) and more often, a sort of… innocence, that of the all first times.

List of films:
• L’Amant dévoué (1925)
• Au gré des flots (1925)
• Le Bain (1925)
• Chez le docteur (1925)
• La Leçon (1925)
• Lui, elle et l’autre (1925)
• Pour vos beaux yeux mesdames (1925)
• Sœur Vaseline (1925)
• Messe noire (1928)
• Dernières cartouches (1930)
• En panne (1930)
• Sa majesté carnaval (1935)
• Au journal La Vie folichonne (1936)
• Un noir vaut deux blanches (1940)
• La Nouvelle Secrétaire (1940)
• Monsieur a sonné!!! (1945)çon_(1925).mkvœur_Vaseline_(1925).srtœur_Vaseline_(1925).mkvé_des_flots_(1925).mkvé_carnaval_(1935).srté_carnaval_(1935).mkvères_cartouches_(1930).srtères_cartouches_(1930).mkvétaire_(1940).srtétaire_(1940).mkvé_(1945).mkv,_elle_et_l’autre_(1925).srt,_elle_et_l’autre_(1925).mkv’Amant_dévoué_(1925).srt’Amant_dévoué_(1925).mkv


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