William Beaudine – Phantom Killer (1942)

Black janitor Nicodemus is surprised by the appearance of a man emerging from the Cromwell Finance Corp. office late at night. The man asks Nicodemus for the time and for a light for his cigar, then departs. Nicodemus later finds the president of Cromwell Corp. dead from strangulation. Nicodemus identifies wealthy philanthropist John G. Harrison as the man he saw in the building on the night of the murder. Assistant district attorney Edward Clark unearths information that similar murders were committed in other cities on the evenings that Harrison, a deaf-mute, was attending charity functions. The district attorney encourages Ed to indict Harrison, hoping that he will fail and will not be considered for promotion to his position. A physician confirms that Harrison is unable to speak, and he is found innocent of murder. Ed’s girl friend, reporter Barbara Mason, then interviews Harrison for his life story, even though Ed is still convinced that Harrison is a killer. Ed resigns from his job and continues his investigation. He soon gets a call from an informant named Davy who, prompted by the $5,000 reward put up by Harrison, claims to know the identity of the killer. Before he meets with Ed, Davy sees Harrison and threatens to reveal him as the killer unless he is paid. Davy is later found strangled to death in his room after a visit from Harrison, who first spoke with Davy’s astonished mother. Ed and police lieutenant Brady interrogate Harrison through his interpreter, Kramer, and are suspicious of the presence of a piano in the home of the deaf-mute. Barbara, who has continued to interview Harrison, is outraged by Ed’s relentless investigation, and Brady plans to return the next day with a search warrant. However, Brady is found dead the next morning and only then is Barbara convinced that Harrison is dangerous. Barbara goes to his house to find evidence, and when she plays the piano, the high key opens a secret panel in the living room. Barbara is abducted by Harrison’s identical twin, but her screams alert Ed and Sergeant Corrigan, who are on patrol outside. They rush inside and Ed plays the piano until he hits the high key.

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