2011-2020DocumentaryExperimentalGô ShibataJapan

Gô Shibata – Gi aiueosu: Tazan no ishi o motte onore no tama o migakubeshi AKA Gui aiuoe:S A stone from another mountain to polish your own stone (2016)

Using their sound and film equipment like musical instruments, the members of the band GUI AIUEO:S create an audiovisual work of art. On their journey, they search for UFOs, meet odd hermits, and are introduced to the sustainable toilet. Go SHIBATA, winner of the 2011 NIPPON VISIONS AWARD, presents an eccentric performance-roadmovie-documentary. Hop on board and step on the gas!

1.74GB | 1h 26m | 1920×1080 | mkv




  1. Link is dead, please reup.

    Does the “one request per week” limit apply to reupload requests too or is that just for new movie requests?

  2. I came back to look for subtitles as well thoughghuess we can watch it in a post – modern fashion. Reading about the plot online , then watching the film – and filling in the details imagined or not.

    1. On second blush , the sustainable toilet conversation is amazing through ” google translate “. There’s a wonderful passage here that’s a shame to be missed ..

    1. I see
      it is somewhat watchable as it is. The intertitles, maybe the most important part, are already translated.

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