1981-1990ComedyGrzegorz WarcholHorrorPoland

Grzegorz Warchol – Lubie nietoperze AKA I Like Bats (1986)

Izabella, a young beautiful woman, works at her aunt’s shop in a small town in Poland. She uses her hands to create unique small objects for the shop, but in the nights she has the strange habit to feed bats. She also gives the shape of a bat to many of her handmade objects. Police are after a sex maniac killer who rapes and kills women in the woods. Marceli, a man who loves Izabella, tries to protect her telling her that he could walk with her on her way home but she rudely refuses. She doesn’t like him at all. Her aunt tries hard to change her mind but Izabella believes she can protect herself alone. The serial killer attacks her and when he asks for a kiss she’ll give him the kiss of death with pleasure…Because she’s actually a vampire woman!

1.11GB | 1h 19m | 740×528 | mkv



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