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Guy Devart & Edouard Hayem – Citroën Nanterre, mai-juin 1968 (1968)

On 20 May 1968, the workers of the Citroën factory in Nanterre decided not to go back to work. The “cops” of the factory were chased away… Chronicle of a strike in a factory which hadn’t had one for 20 years, symbol of capitalism where the boss is the only master after God.

On 20 May 1968, the workers of the Citroën factory at Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine, France) went on strike and occupied the factory.

On the basis of images of the strike and interviews with some of the strikers, this documentary shows in particular the joint manoeuvres of the boss and the CGT to get the workers back to work, at a time when there were ten million strikers in the country and the idea of the Grand soir might not seem utopian.

550MB | 1h 03m | 720×520 | avi



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