Jean-Claude Guiguet – Faubourg St Martin (1986)

Imagine a slightly dilapidated three star hotel in the tenth arrondissement run by a very distinguished lady with moral fibre and panache, Mrs. Coppercage. Alongside tourists visiting Paris, Mrs. Coppercage rents three rooms to three women at a monthly rate. Each woman is marked by life, yet they go on as best they can, never closing their eyes to the world around them, or to the men who impatiently await them. Faubourg Saint Martin opens as a love story and ends like a song as shots ring out and punctuate the chorus.

1.18GB | 1h 23m | 712×445 | mkv–_Jean-Claude_Guiguet.mkv–_Jean-Claude_Guiguet.idx–_Jean-Claude_Guiguet.sub

Subtitles:English, German, Russian (idx, sub)

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