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Jocelyne Saab – Beyrouth, Ma Ville AKA Beirut, My City (1983)

Beirut, My City finds Saab and her collaborator, the playwright and director Roger Assaf, returning to the shell of her former home following Israel’s 1982 invasion, finding small glimmers of hope in the chaos of refugee camps and the rubble of decimated neighborhoods.
“I consider this to be my most important film, the one that is the closest to my heart. In 1982, my house was burning. That’s not nothing. It was a very old house. 150 years of history went up in flames and disappeared. All of that is suddenly destroyed. The family home, wiped off the map, gone from the city, having become a pile of ruins.”

WARNING: This film contains graphic images of dead bodies, dead children, mutilated children, burn victims, etc. Not for the faint of heart.

The rest of it is quite beautifully shot though, with scenes of crumbling buildings and life on the street, you really get a feel of the people in the city, trying to live.

848MB | 1h 25m | 640×368 | avi


Language:French, Arabic
Subtitles:English,French hardcoded for Arabic parts

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