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Marco Bellocchio – Vacanze in Val Trebbia (1980)

Documentary-fiction about the director and his family’s holiday in his homeland. The journey is a means to confront the past, memories, one’s own origins, but it is also the radiography of an era.
A semi-unknown masterpiece by Marco Bellocchio

Marco Bellocchio spends his holidays in his family home in Bobbio, near Piacenza, with his wife and little son. The days spend with his family and friends around the table, long evenings outdoors around the fire. Childhood memories and dreams of youth resurrect. This film is as much a portrait of Belloccio himself as that of a generation that matured in the 60s and 70s, years that radically changed Italian society.

753MB | 43m 37s | 1280×720 | mkv



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