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Marie Luise Droop & Muhsin Ertugrul – Das Fest der schwarzen Tulpe (1920)

This silent film rarity has turkish intertitles only. Reason is that it was restored and shown for a turkish film festival about Muhsin Ertugrul.

Muhsin Ertugrul is a legendary turkish film director who was a pioneer of the turkish cinema.
He started as an extra and minor actor in early german film industry and later learned directing films at the german Ustad Film company, which was specialized in directing films based on the books of famous ( at least in Germany) adventure and travel author Karl May. Lot of his books played in then Turkish Empire and therefore Muhsin Ertugrul seemed to be predestined for these films.
However, many of these early Karl May films are lost now. This film here is something completely different. The script is based on the novel of Alexandre Dumas “The black Tulip” and has the dutch fighting for independency against french Louis XIV as subject.
Muhsin Ertugrul is named as a co-director, together with Marie-Luise Droop, one of the few female directors in german cinema at the time, and together with Muhsin, owner of the Ustad Film Company.

The film itself features Carl de Vogt, famous for his work before in Fritz Langs “Die Spinnen”

494MB | 1h 21m | 640×480 | mkv




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