2011-2020DramaMatjaz IvanisinSlovenia

Matjaz Ivanisin – Oroslan (2019)

When a man known as Oroslan dies, the news quickly spreads through a little village, causing grief and emotion. Later on, actions become words and words become stories. In order to overcome the sorrow and restore the natural flow of life, the villagers start sharing their memories about Oroslan, re-creating his image through their tales.

Matjaž Ivanišin’s films like to play around, blurring any lines between fiction and reality by playing with dramatisation and narrative. They manipulate the spectator, but confuse us with great delicacy. While the stories we tell are the stories we are able to accommodate, it’s also these stories that accommodate us. Inspired by a novel by Zdravko Duša, the filmmaker invited the inhabitants of the village he was filming to take part in the story, each enriching the film. An incarnation of the deceased through the accounts of others that takes the form of a documentary fable. -Pascale Paulat and Christophe Postic.

1.73GB | 1h 11m | 1280×720 | mkv


Language:Slovenian, Hungarian
Subtitles:English, French

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