1971-1980ComedyNorman TokarSci-FiUSA

Norman Tokar – The Cat from Outer Space (1978)

An unidentified flying object crash-lands on Earth and is taken into custody by the United States government. The occupant of the “flying saucer” turns out to be a cat-like alien named Jake. Using a special collar, he is able to communicate with humans. The cat tries to have American scientists help him find some Org 12 so that his ship may rendezvous with his fleet. After determining that “Org 12” is gold, Jake uses his collar’s powers to affect the outcome of various sporting events, including horse races and pool games, to win money to buy the needed gold and repair his saucer.

842MB | 1h 39m | 576×384 | avi


Language:Italian, English

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