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Ricardo Larraín – La frontera AKA The Frontier (1991)

Larraín won the Silver Bear for an outstanding single achievement at the 42nd Berlin International Film Festival.

This absorbing first feature explores one man’s internal exile in a country whose recent history has known the worst of political repression. Ramiro (Contreras), a Santiago teacher, is banished to a remote coastal community for putting his name to a public denunciation of the military authorities’ abduction of one of his colleagues. His enforced sojourn leaves him under the restrictive care of the local police; yet the unexpected resonance of his encounters with the locals – Maite (Laso), a fugitive from Franco’s Spain with her own troubled past, and Buzo (Bernales), a half-crazed diver – prompts him to rethink his life and his political commitment. With its wry treatment of the prisoner’s bumbling captors and an uplifting climactic coup to savour, we witness a journey of discovery from a national cinema where the term ‘political film’ still means something.

2.17GB | 1h 58m | 706×529 | mkv




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