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Tay Garnett – A Terrible Beauty (1960)

IMDB Reviewer:
“The Night Fighters” is listed on IMDB under “A Terrible Beauty”, a deceiving title for a movie that has nothing to do with beauty. Considering it had been directed by the great Tay Garnett, and with a cast that included Robert Mitchum, Richard Harris, Ann Heywood, Cyril Cusak, and Dan O’Herlihy, among others, the early promise seemed to evaporate as we watched it.

It is not a horrible movie by any means. The story about the organization of an IRA faction in Northern Ireland is at the center of the story. Evidently the adaptation of the novel in which this book is based by R. Wright Campbell doesn’t make much sense. To make matters worse, the ending leaves the viewer even more confused. It appears the screen play must have had many changes and the finished version doesn’t shed new light on the subject matter.

The best thing in the film are Robert Mitchum and Richard Harris who seemed to have been having a great time with one another as it is evident in the film.

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