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Ted V. Mikels – The Doll Squad [+commentary] (1973)

An elite army of female assassins…in a race against time and death to save the world from a hideously diabolical mass destruction at the hands of a madman no one had ever seen! The alternative title makes this B-movie offering from drive-in stalwart Mikels sound a lot more interesting than it is, especially when you consider that the cast includes Tura Satana, the stripper star of Russ Meyers Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! But she is wasted as a member of Yorks team of women agents. Though they are as gobsmackingly naive as Charlies similarly styled Angels, they try to save the world from an impotent villain played by Ansara, Cochise in 50s TV show Broken Arrow. Unfortunately, it is desperately lacking any of the verve Meyer typically injected into his product, though it does boast a surprisingly likeable, laidback score from Nicholas Carras.

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