1961-1970AsianClassicsJapanTomu Uchida

Tomu Uchida – Jinsei-gekijô: Hishakaku to kiratsune aka Theater of Life: Hishakaku and Kiratsune (1968)

Hishakaku (Koji Tsuruta), a kyakubun (visitor) with the Kokin gang, frees his lover Otoyo (Junko Fuji) from a brothel run by boss Oyokota (Tatsuo Endo), accompanied by Miyagawa (Ken Takakura) and other Kokin gangsters — and consequently brawls with Oyokota’s gang. After killing several of Oyokota’s men, including a former anikibun (elder brother) who has betrayed him, Hishakaku flees, with the police in close pursuit, and takes refuge in a strange house. There, he encounters Kiratsune (Ryutaro Tatsumi), an old man who calmly invites him in, gives him sake, and advises him to give himself up. Struck by the nobility of the old man’s character and the sageness of his advice, Hishakaku does as he says.

Four years pass and Miyagawa is in love with Otoyo, who went into hiding after Hishakaku’s arrest. When he finds that she’s Hishakaku’s woman, he wants to run away with her but Otoyo hesitates — and disappears again. Then, Hishakaku gets out of prison and with Kiratsune’s support, reunites with Otoyo and Miyagawa. When an Oyokota hitman (Rin’ichi Yamamoto) gets wind of Hishakaku’s whereabouts, he comes to whack him — but Miyagawa stands in his way. When the hitman takes refuge with a local gang, Miyagawa pursues him — and is cut down in turn. Now, it is Hishakaku’s turn to take revenge against the killers of his friend.

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  1. Thank you very much for the movie (all all the other too)

    Any soul having better luck than me in finding english (or french) subtitles for it ?

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