Various – Hsi nou ai le aka Four Moods (King Hu et al) (1970)

Directors Hu, Li Hsing and Pai Ching-jui jointly produced “In Four Moods”, with Hu directing the second dazzling episode, “Anger” (1970). Thirteen years later, the three directed the trilogy “The Wheel of Life” (1983), focusing on three lives and three love affairs occurring at different times. Hu’s first episode, though short, was riveting.
“Zen and Sense in King Hu’s Films”

In 1970, Hu contributed one episode, “Anger,” in the portmanteau film Four Moods/Xi nu ai le (1970), co-directed with Li Han-hsiang, Lee Hsing, and Pai Ching-jui. The film was made to raise money in order to help Li Han-hsiang out of financial distress. Considered a footnote to the “inn tril¬ogy,” “Anger” was also set in an inn where complex alliances were formed, broken, and exploited. The film, with Hu’s meticulous mise-en-scène, smooth pacing, quiet humor, impressive character types, and beautiful choreography of movements, is a successful trial in the combining of Peking opera elements with those of cinema.
Historical Dictionary of Taiwan Cinema

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