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Vatroslav Mimica – Kaja, ubit cu te! AKA Kaja, I’ll kill you! (1967)

Arrival of war and radical political divisions in 1941 introduces anxiety and restlessness into the idyllic atmosphere of the small dalmatian island. Yesterday’s friends and neighbors turn against eachother and start to life threaten eachother. Piero, who started to wear black shirt, comes into conflict with the kind-hearted shopkeeper Kaja, who is associated with the resistance.

The most radical and creative point of modernist phase of croatian director Vatroslav Mimica, Kaja, I’ll kill you! is one of the most distinctive films of Croatian and former Yugoslavian cinema. Basically devoid of any plot and any coherent story, its narrative structure is completely fragmented, and the film is created as a series of highly suggestive and impressive visual images of exceptional beauty, showing the irrational invasion of evil in a peaceful Mediterranian environment.

Director payed special attention to etnograhic and natural details (may be consdiered even a precursor to Werner Herzog or Terrence Malick) and the movie irrational evil may, generally speaking, be reffered to Hitchcock or Chabrol, although the film resists strict genre classification and is considered supreme contribution of croatian cinema to European modernist cinema of the 1960s. The motif of evil and it’s specific treatment in Kaja’, I’ll kill you!, infused with the elements of grotesque and surrealism, without doubt influenced Lordan Zafranovic in his movies such as Okupacija u 26 slika (Occupation in 26 pictures, 1978) or Pad Italije (The Fall of Italy, 1981).

In this sense, partly too hermetic for wider audience, the film was received with displeasure at the Pula Film Festival although it was successfully screened at the New York Film Festival in 1968 and the same year it won a Golden medal in Naples.

1.09GB | 1h 17m | 624×464 | avi,_ubit_cu_te!_(Vatroslav_Mimica,_1967).avi,_ubit_cu_te_(1969)



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