1971-1980DramaEroticaJapanYôichi Takabayashi

Yôichi Takabayashi – Naomi (1980)

Naomi throws a party for her 23rd birthday at a luxurious salon. The host, Joji Kawai, Naomi’s 38-year-old husband, is a jewelry trader. Soon they move to London and open a jewelry store. Even though they are a close couple, there are many twists and turns before they arrive here. Joji and Naomi first became acquainted when Naomi was 16 years old and had just dropped out of high school. Joji was using the snack bar where Naomi worked and started inviting her to go to the movies and have dinner. Wanting to transform the young girl, whose birth and identity he did not know, into an ideal woman with his own hands, Joji proposed that Naomi live with him. Eventually, the two inevitably get married, and Naomi’s 18-year-old body begins to blossom as a mature woman, giving off a demonic charm and indulging in the pleasures of various men…

1.61GB | 1h 43m | 720×384 | mkv




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