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Aleksandr Dovzhenko – Ivan, Aerograd aka Frontier (The Cultural Heritage) [Disc 4] (1932 – 1935)

Ivan (1932)
Cinemapoem about building of Dniproges (Dnieper Hydroelectric Station), about the fate of rural fellow which comes together with other boys and girls to build one of most buildings of socialist industrial construction. Narrates the language of the poetic cinema of O. Dovzhenko about the process of alteration of consciousness of rural fellow due to industrialization.
Recipient of an award on ICF in Venice in 1934.

Aerograd aka Frontier aka Air City (1935)
Beginning of 30th years of the last century. A height of socialist construction is in the USSR. On ethnically Ukrainian Far East it is planned to pawn the defensive outpost of east scopes of the state.
Stepan Glushchak, hunter, former partisan, by chance notices in a taiga tracks of saboteurs from Manchukuo. Meantime a revolt ripens in a distant village. The rich man of Shabanov tries to heave up Old Believers against soviet power, against bolshevists which came to build a new city – Aerograd in the middle of taiga. Glushchak collects former partisan. A revolt is strangled. Glushchak handwritten manages a sentence above the former friend, and now by a traitor Khudyakov…
Airplanes fly above a taiga, there are builders of future city Aerograd in them.


Source………..: DVD9 Retail
DVD Format…….: PAL
DVD Size………: DVD9
Video Bitrate….: ~6000 kb/s
Screen Format….: Fullscreen 4:3
Audio Language…: Ukrainian (Ivan), Russian (Aerograd)
Audio Format…..: DD 2.0
Menu………….: [X] Untouched, intact.
Video…………: [X] Untouched, intact.
DVD Extras…….: [X] Untouched, intact.

Language(s):Ukrainian (Ivan), Russian (Aerograd)
Subtitles:English, French, Ukrainian, Russian


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