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Chantal Akerman – Demain On Demenage aka Tomorrow We Move (2004)

FilmLinc wrote:
The late Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman brings us an intellectual comedy about a mother and daughter who find themselves living together for the first time in decades. Charlotte, a freelance writer, invites her recently widowed mother, Catherine, to live in her apartment, and the ensuing clutter becomes a source of irritation and strife. When Catherine decides to revitalize her career as a piano teacher, the claustrophobia reaches new and absurd levels. Charlotte continues to pursue her desperate quest for peace as Tomorrow We Move develops into a slyly Jewish tale of rootlessness and familial burdens.

BAM wrote:
Akerman took a rare detour into screwball territory with this frothy farce about a widowed mother (Clément) who moves in with her daughter (Testud), a writer working on an erotic novel. This surreally offbeat comedy offers a unique variation on the director’s recurrent theme of women’s relationships to domestic spaces, rendered by Akerman with trademark intelligence, stylistic daring, and a touch of avant-garde sensibility.

1.68GB | 1h 46m | 915×572 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Portuguese

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