1951-1960Chester ErskineComedyUSA

Chester Erskine – A Girl in Every Port (1952)

Inheriting $1,450 upon the death of his aunt, gullible sailor Tim Dunnovan (William Bendix) purchases a race horse, to the dismay of his best friend, Benny Linn (Groucho Marx), who assumes Tim has been swindled. Tim and Benny learn that the horse, Little Erin, has weak ankles and is a poor racer — but his devoted groom reveals that he has a twin, Little Shamrock, in excellent condition. Discovering the whereabouts of Little Shamrock, Benny schemes to switch the horses, but complications arise.

1.51GB | 1h 26m | 718×538 | mkv




  1. Hello, admin, the download link to this film is unfortunately no longer available, can you upload the movie again please? It would be much appreciated! Because, well, I’ve been search for this movie for days, and this website is the only place that actually includes Groucho Marx’s A Girl in Every Port out of the entire internet. Anyway, thank you so much!

      1. Thank you, oh, and please ignore my second request comment, I did not know the moderation would take this long, lol

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