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István Szöts – Melyiket a kilenc közül? AKA Which of the Nine? (1956)

Istvan Szőts’s short, Christmas-themed film starring József Bihari and Andor Ajtay, based on Mór Jókai’s novel of the same title. The premier of the film was in the Venice Film Festival in 1957, where it received recognition.

Only a TV-rip is available at the moment.

Janos Apro, the widowed shoe-maker of Pest raises his 9 children on his own. They are so poor that he cannot give them anything else for Christmas, but a short song praising Jesus. The 9 children are joyfully singing together, but their loud voice disturbs the lonely landlord living upstairs. He goes down to order them to keep silent. Seeing their poverty, he changes his mind, and makes an offer to the shoe-maker. He wants to adopt one of his boys, raise him as his own, making him a lord, so that he can help his siblings later on as well. But Master Janos cannot choose between his children…

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