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Mohamed Khan – Zawgat Ragoul Mohem AKA The Wife of an Important Man (1987)

Starring Ahmed Zaki and Mervat Amin, the film’s importance comes from it’s storyline written by Raouf Tawfik, it discusses a bold and sensitive subject for Middle Eastern societies, the concept of power and it’s relationship with the individual. The films that have discussed this subject in earnest are rare and in between especially in Egyptian cinema, because of censorship and intimidation, and even the films that have previously discussed the issue of authority and power abuse have only touched it from a political view, ignoring the psychological aspects.
The wife of an Important man stands in opposition to this school of thought.
In the film, we are shown two of the most important characters in Khan’s filmography.

Hisham (Ahmed Zaki) the important man wielding much authority in law enforcement circles, and his wife. He’s the officer who’s dreamt of being in the police since childhood, he’s grown to worship and crave power subconsciously and over time developed psychopathic traits. Mona (Mervat Amin) is his wife, the college student who’s infatuated by the somber voice of Abdel Halim Hafez. At first bedazzled by the handsome officer’s wielding of authority and his carefree attitude, not realizing that it stands in complete opposition with her natural tendencies and quiet introspective life, she grows deluded with the marriage, realizing she’s just another piece of the decor and social etiquette to the life of the up and rising officer. Isolated from a normal life, and her resistance failing to achieve any success against his commandeering life, she loses hr sense of achievement as a woman.
Fate bestows a terrible gift on Hisham who cannot bear the thought of life not being a part of enforcement, when he’s put on early retirement because of misconduct and is forced to be part of the common average people he despise.

His psychopathic mind and authoritative figure cannot find an escape to his sick pleasures outside enforcement except to take out on his wife, where he becomes her prison gatekeeper until he slowly loses his grip on sanity shown by a brilliant performance by Zaki.

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