Nina Hedenius – Det speglar i mitt öga AKA My Eye Is Reflecting (1992)

Independent filmmaker Nina Hedenius Det speglar i mitt öga [My Eye Is Reflecting] is a poetic film on the act of seeing and on the details that rarely gets our attention. The film is a collage of diverse scenes depicting life, death, objects and people; a Swedish crayfish party, a classroom, cows in the meadow, the Stockholm subway… With musical effects by Ralph Lundsten.

Nina Hedenius is a special filmmaker. She started out as a still photographer, then later became a documentary filmmaker, where she usually does everything; idea, script, production, photography, direction and editing. However, it is the photo you mainly focus on when you see her films – the details, the moods, the light.

1.34GB | 58m 19s | 1440×1080 | mkvöga_(Nina_Hedenius,_1992).mkvöga_(Nina_Hedenius,_1992)öga_(Nina_Hedenius,_1992).srt


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